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Genuine Leather High-waist Belt (Vintage Brown) - EVOKE90's
Genuine Leather High-waist Belt (Vintage Brown)

EVOKE 90's

Genuine Leather High-waist Belt (Vintage Brown)

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Product code: ACBL001B
Size: 24'- 32' waist

This is EVOKE 90's genuine leather high-waist belt, one design with 3 different colours, a piece that caters to all different personalities, can also be worn on the wrist.

Model Wearing:

Vintage Brown- Mature and reliable, represents timeless vintage spirit

Other Colours:
Red Wine- Tough and independent, likes to be unique and stand out from the crowd

Rust Brown- Fearless and adventurous, adores exploring and searching for treasures

Care & Instruction:

Best stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight or damp areas to prevent drying or staining.  

Attention: Actual colours may vary