Romantic Magnolia Collection: Enchanted garden

Fair Pink

Immerse yourself in a sea of undeniable beauty, 

Walk through romantic structures and evoke nostalgia,

absorb every little detail and create an everlasting memory

~ EVOKE90's 



Words of beauty:

A poem is written at the centre of our magnolia silk scarves, we wish to bring to your attention the beauty of this flower; a flower that is ever so soft, delicate and graceful. In combination with the fair pink, it is the perfect match. 

Shade of femininity:

A woman in pink exhibits the warmth and security of a strong feminine and confident woman. it is a colour loved by many, and will remain a forever favourite. A shade we would identify as the 'Timeless Pink'. 

 Art appreciation:

Hand-drawn art work is a treasure; rare and diminishing through time, it is a form of skill that interprets deep meanings in the context of art. We appreciate this art form, that’s why all our designs are hand-drawn. Every design has a story; a story is conveyed through each stroke. Observe the fine lines to read the story, tell me what story do you see? 


.Pink Magnolia Silk Scarf 90 x 90cm | Pink Magnolia Silk Scarf 53cm x 53cm


The Gentle Lilac

The scent lured me into the unknown, a scent so compelling I couldn’t resist,
I continued…and there it was, a sea of Magnolia.
The path was uncertain, however I let my curiosity take the lead,
Understand the beauty of adventures, you just never know where it takes you.
Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, curiosity brings surprises 
~ EVOKE 90’s



Shade of Spring:

A women in lilac emits sweetness and freshness like the spring bloom, an endearing but powerful colour with the ability to steal hearts of nostalgic souls. Her spirit will blossom like the blooms of Spring. A shade we would identify as fresh and fearless. 


A silk lover will understand the beauty of this small, yet iconic accessory: a twilly.  A definite favourite in the eyes of a fashion silk collector. A small accessory but offers big statements  to your outfits.    What do we know of a silk twilly, its all of the below:
A bag handle protector | A fancy hair tool | A symbol of luxury | A Neck warmer | A fashion statement  
...undeniably, a must have accessory for a fashion lover.
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